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2008 Annual Report on Transformation
The 2008 Annual Review of the sector is the fourth transformation review on the financial sector’s progress in meeting its commitments under the Financial Sector Charter (FSC). The review describes the sector’s state of transformation at 31 December 2008. - 1 January 2010
2007 Annual Report on Transformation
The 2007 Annual review on transformation is the third transformation assessment report for the sector. The report indicates that the sector has generally performed well and is on track to meet the 2008 Charter targets however, there are still areas of challenge. - 11 November 2008
Notice for the Extension of a Transitional Period
The Minister of Trade and Industry has extended the transitional period. Please refer to the signed Government Gazette for further details. - 12 February 2008
2006 Annual Report on Transformation
The 2006 Annual Review is the second transformation report setting out the financial sector’s progress in meeting the commitments of the Financial Sector Charter. It catalogues the sector’s progress relative to its starting point in 2005, and its state of transformation at the end of 2006. Successes, challenges and gaps are identified, in addition to recommendations for sector and participants’ future submissions and subsequent reviews. - 27 November 2007
2005 Annual Review of Transformation
It gives the Council great pleasure to submit this review, the first annual review on transformation black economic empowerment in the financial sector. The review covers the period 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2005 and tracks the performance of the financial sector in transforming itself into a sector of the economy that ‘reflects the demographics of South Africa, and contributes to the establishment of an equitable society by effectively providing accessible financial services to black people and by directing investment into targeted sectors of the economy’. This quotation is taken from the objectives of the Financial Sector Charter, a voluntary sectoral charter established in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act. - 16 November 2006
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