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Banking Association South Africa

The Banking Association South Africa is the representative voice of banking in South Africa. Its members include foreign, retail, merchant, investment and commercial banks. Its role is to "establish and maintain the best possible platform on which the banking groups can do competitive, profitable and responsible banking". Comments and submissions on regulatory changes, legislation, consumer concerns and policy documents, as well as research and study into best international practice, are core strategic activities of The Banking Association.

When was The Banking Association established

Association of Mortgage Lenders (AML), Merchant Bankers Association (MBA), Clearing Bankers Association (CBA) and Association of General Banks (AGB) merged into establishing The Council of South African Banks (COSAB) in March 1992. The name changed to The Banking Council South Africa in March 1998.

The Board resolved on 7 March 2005 that the name be changed to The Banking Association South Africa.

Mr Cas Coovadia is the Managing Director of The Banking Association South Africa.

The Role of The Banking Association

The Banking Association South Africa, is the industry body whose role it is to establish and maintain the best possible platform on which banking groups can do responsible, competitive and profitable banking.

The Banking Association is the representative body for the industry. As the representative body, The Banking Association continuously interacts with various government departments, consumer bodies and other interest groups regarding banking issues. The Banking Association also seeks to ensure that its members maintain best international practice.

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