Financial Sector

Charter Council

Amended FSC Series FS600

Empowerment, financing, enterprise and supplier development scorecard

Measurement Criteria Weighting Points Banks Target Weighting Points Long-term Assurers Target
2.1 Targeted Investments
Transformational Infrastructure
Black Agricultural Financing
Affordable Housing
Black Business Growth and SME Funding
12 R48bn 12 R27bn
2.2 B-BBEE transaction financing and Black Business Growth / SME Funding 3 R32bn 3 15bn
Empowerment Financing Total 15 15
2.3 Annual value of all Supplier Development contributions made by the measured entity 7 1.8% of NPAT 7 1.8% of NPAT
2.4 Annual value of all Enterprise Development contributions made by the measured entity 3 0.2% of NPAT (non-recoverable) 3 0.2% of NPAT (non-recoverable) s
Total 25 25
2.5 Bonus Points
2.5.1 Graduation of one or more Enterprise Development beneficiaries to graduate to the Supplier Development level. 1 1
2.5.2 For creating one or more jobs directly as a result of Supplier Development and Enterprise Development initiatives by the measured entity. 1 1
2.5.3 Development of black stockbrokers, black fund managers and intermediaries 2 TBD 2 0.5% NPAT
Total Bonus Points 4 4
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